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Money; Two Jobs or One?

The question comes to me, should I take on a second job? The thought is a loud in my head because of recent adventures it has lead me to a job offer. Is two jobs too much to handle? i don’t know until I we’re to try it. I would really like my second job to be some thing I enjoy completely, self enduring to every exposed project. A time out of time where time doesn’t matter your just doing it to do it. In time money will come & go.

I don’t know what to do, maybe keep on doing what I love. What is that? Can my soul make it to the next? I ask my self in these death deifying questions of life. 

In conclusion: my thoughts are simple, to make ends meet, take stand. By doing what you love, still being able to be here for my family. Making my self proud should be top priority while still accommodating the true feeling of life of happiness. 

Truly Yours,