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Custom Rubber Stamps

Poppy, natural rubber stamp
Poppy, natural rubber stamp (Photo credit: tigerlillyshop)

You need a custom rubber stamp but you are wondering what kind of custom rubber stamp is the best. To narrow down the different kinds of “rubber die” that is mounted onto the mount of your new custom rubber stamp. Polymer, Red Rubber and Laser rubber are the most popular used. Polymer is a clear rubber more of a cushion, soft material made from a liquid pour. Red rubber is a rubber that is pressed heat into a matrix board with a machine press, this type of red rubber has more depth than clear poly rubber and is comparable to the durability to the new laser rubber. Laser rubber is the new die’s of rubber stamps. Laser rubber made from a laser machine is the new dies of rubber stamps. Laser rubber dies are the best quality most durable, have the most depth in height of image. Laser comes in different shades of color but grey mostly.

This is a start to explain the different types of dies there is for the rubber stamp world.

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