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Keep on Trucking#Finance# the Working Class#Marriage



At the end of the day why do I feel like it is such a challenge? It shouldn’t be this way, grateful for the day “this world has to offer” but in reality, we live in a materialistic culture and the whole process of romancing someone and having this american dream has become a commercialized mess. If you’re barely able to pay the rent and feed yourself and kids you’re definitely not going to feel like an attractive prospect, male or female. And how are you going to afford all that fun stuff you’re clearly obligated to do? A regular relationship becomes another regular expense.  From my experience: it is hard to love while in an unstable life, but if you are lucky enough to have it happen it can help build a strong bond. My significant other (of ten years) and I got together when we had our first child I was having problems and he was between jobs because she had just moved back to town. He took a lower paying job than expected so we lived on very little, but still really enjoyed each other despite not being able to do much. Then we both started make good money and life was good. Really good. When the economy bombed our city was hurt worse than most and my business crashed. My husband was also laid off and it took months to find a lower paying job. We were broke again but not only attacked the challenge as a team (rather than it driving us apart) but found we could still have a lot of fun without going to movies or eating out. When things got even tighter we found that we still enjoyed each other despite not being able to buy anything, ever. 

The lesson: we got together because we enjoyed each other, not because we enjoyed doing things together. It is easy to feel feel love when eating out and shopping. Harder when you are scrimping. If you can look at each other and smile when you are drowning in crap, you can take on the world together. 

The mind will play these silly games in your head “Y”. Keeping it positive, keeping your day job. I want to strive, life is to short to be always looking at the past, your not living in the moment if we’re wondering about the future. Live in the Present and Keep on Trucking. 



Ideas to Continue our Kids learning this Summer



Summer is at it’s end and I wanted to give some ideas’s on making list’s. Filling in your busy calendar you might come to realize that summer is almost over and school starts “again” with in a week or so for some. Sooner than later our kids will be piled up with writing assignments, reading logs, and mathematics. Like me, I am sure your very proud of the progress each of your children have made big or small. And, yet it is almost time to start another school year.

Have we made sure are kids have had the best 2013 Summer possible? YES! Therefore, I have made the responsibility of continuing their education even when they are not in school. Here is a list of ideas that you can do together with our children to continue their learning during the summer:

– visit museums, the zoo, Scripps Aquarium                  – go camping

– skate, run, jump, walk, fish                                            – listen to different kinds ofmusic

– swim at the beach or pool                                             – ride bicycles or horses

– go tot the park, or go on a trip                                       – write letters to friends or family

– think and imagine                                                           – visit family

-play math games or other educational programs on the computer

– visit a historic city: San Diego, Los Angeles, or San Francisco

Every one have a fun-filled, relaxing, and educational summer. This is the time to reflect, live in the moment and enjoy what you and your family are doing that giving moment. Put the past behind you. Laugh, smile, and take pictures. Have the best summer 2013!

Feel free to leave a comment or suggestions for our family’s to enjoy!

Thanks for reading,