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Customer Service Leads to Better Finance & More Money

 Currently I am a customer service aficionado writing about sixty to one hundred and sixty emails a day. I have heard that emailing can be good & a bad thing because we live in this new world of email is faster than picking up the phone. If I were writing a guide on what is the best form of customer service, picking up the phone and calling the person is the best. It is scary! Who knows, they think you are being a pest but really your only there calling to help. 

Customer service revoles around email, phone calls and now live chat. Which is best?

In my humble opinion if the email says hey call, no worries those are the first inquires to call back and help. If you leave me a message I’m calling you right back, I feel that if a person leaves their phone number it’s the most important, they need assistance first. It will leave a bad impression to leave those calls for last. With experience people appreciate the phone call back, knowing you care. Emails: Is their a time limit to those that need to be answered? Getting too many emails can lead to some of your potential customers going elsewhere. If your sending an email and the response takes a while my advise is to call and get a direct email, this way the customer service team can promptly serve to your needs. Last but not least is the new live chat, larger company’s with more customer base would have this for customer service. Live chat is my least favorite, it  helps most customer service questions and but it does not give the customer person feel, some people ask is a “is a real person behind the computer”. Live chat does however bring sales, a guide to find certain things your selling on your site. Recommend these highly to keep your business up and running smoothly. 

To put things in order picking up the phone is most important to let your customers know they are important. Secondly get to those emails and phone messages quickly, they might lead to a really big sale. Third turn on the live chat if that is an option. 

Having greatImage customer service is going to improve the all around for your finance for your business making you more money in the long run.

More to come on some customer service advise from Bree Goswick

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Custom Rubber Stamps

Poppy, natural rubber stamp
Poppy, natural rubber stamp (Photo credit: tigerlillyshop)

You need a custom rubber stamp but you are wondering what kind of custom rubber stamp is the best. To narrow down the different kinds of “rubber die” that is mounted onto the mount of your new custom rubber stamp. Polymer, Red Rubber and Laser rubber are the most popular used. Polymer is a clear rubber more of a cushion, soft material made from a liquid pour. Red rubber is a rubber that is pressed heat into a matrix board with a machine press, this type of red rubber has more depth than clear poly rubber and is comparable to the durability to the new laser rubber. Laser rubber is the new die’s of rubber stamps. Laser rubber made from a laser machine is the new dies of rubber stamps. Laser rubber dies are the best quality most durable, have the most depth in height of image. Laser comes in different shades of color but grey mostly.

This is a start to explain the different types of dies there is for the rubber stamp world.

Questions about custom rubber stamps ask me!

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Woman & Money: Finances

I am woman. Capable of giving birth to a child, motivated to squeeze a 10 LB. baby out of the belly. Woman, what does this word mean to you? I sat at my desk today thinking to myself, me, woman. What else can this body do? Do. Self do make my self better, better than what? A man. Compare Man. So this is where money comes in. Are men to a certainty better with money “finance”? Money & earning it, is this a possibility for me or a pipe dream. 

I am in my thirty’s have had a ton of jobs that I love, hate, were passionate about, miss dearly and could never can compare to the next because the place people and things environment around me has always been different and exciting. 

The most exciting thing to me would be to work for your self, actually be working to be earning if that makes sense. There was a time in my early teens and early twenty years, working with a small company for a couple that I almost felt like ” I did” work for my self. But, truly have not ever really worked for myself. Here and there selling on ebay and “yes” this felt very good. Sold my first month of $400.00! Product of kids clothes has gone. The passion to own my own shop is still in hand. This is why I write this blog to put in my practice  more ideas, get the brain going get this show on the road get some more income in the bank. The world is young and full of ideas, my conclusion is words will come together “keep on trying don’t give up working try harder and you might even get great results”. 

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Learning New Software

Learning New Software

Learning New Software:
Power to the data, computer, learning new data entry.

Taking the initiative to learn new software today Bought new software and now going through the help pages trying to learn all the new data this has to offer.
It really is not the easiest thing to do, pack the head. Signing up for some hands on courses at the local school. This will help with getting my small business going, the older and wiser say “go to school & every thing will follow”.

In conclusion: the power of learning the machine, the computer machine that is! Machine learning, power of the data! So true.

Taking charge of my life the way we want to live it.

Yours Truly.

Money; Two Jobs or One?

The question comes to me, should I take on a second job? The thought is a loud in my head because of recent adventures it has lead me to a job offer. Is two jobs too much to handle? i don’t know until I we’re to try it. I would really like my second job to be some thing I enjoy completely, self enduring to every exposed project. A time out of time where time doesn’t matter your just doing it to do it. In time money will come & go.

I don’t know what to do, maybe keep on doing what I love. What is that? Can my soul make it to the next? I ask my self in these death deifying questions of life. 

In conclusion: my thoughts are simple, to make ends meet, take stand. By doing what you love, still being able to be here for my family. Making my self proud should be top priority while still accommodating the true feeling of life of happiness. 

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