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I QUIT My Job!

I always Google stuff these days!

eHOW is on my top book marks. Today I googled why people quit their jobs. Hence people all over this continent make from twelve to six figures a year and well some times we just feel like quitting.

My Top Reasons why people Quit their jobs? Here is one of my story’s:

My Position: Bartender/Server/Hostess/Barback/Room Service. What ever needs to be done. I WILL NOT resort to COOK  in the back  TOO.

My last employment went as follows if you dare to read. Might be interesting if your thinking about going into the hotel business.

I’d make a five gallon pot of coffee before and after my shift which took about twenty min. Set up bar area: bring down bottles making bar look presentable.  Two barrels of ice. Making sure fully stocked bar with fresh lemons, limes & oranges. If you’re in need of a certain beer or liquor you better be ready to fetch down two levels of stairs.

Dishwashing Area Disaster! TONS of left over food trays from the morning. Room Service Trays sticky from syrup & old eggs, sitting for at least a couple of hours until one of the servers would come in for their evening shift (YUCK).

Oh! Don’t forget to count your drawer before your shift too! Okayyy… almost ready to make drinks but need to wipe down the sticky tables in the bar area that employees seem to just leave DIRTY!

Yeah! Happy Hour is here, I am ready for some customers so I can make some money. Wait I have to ask my other CO-Worker if  he/she wants the first customer or if it’s okay if I snag this one!  Why in the world would management have two people on staff when sales are around four hundred?  I understand they want one person to  clean (this makes a hole in my pocket-book). BAD MANAGEMENT! I came up with the conclusion. A hotel that doesn’t want to have a cleaning crew come in once a week, this one I can’t fathom. I’m not trying to complain here, might be a little bit of a rant though!

Well after the two of us would figure things out which we always would. One person would always be left with the cleaning and dishwashing duties while the other person get’s to play Bartender. Sigh… WHOO.  The survival of the fittest!

For over a year I’d hear our customers say to me “Why are you still working here”?

The only reasoning is the schedule, they basically let me write my own schedule. I was sexually harassed by the Manager, Cooks, and Customers(opps..almost forgot about the employees). I can see getting harassed by customers, I’m getting tipped. I’m a big girl & dish it right back. Tending bar isn’t the easiest job full of haggle & Horney for conversation.

Brings things to my full attention that the work force gets away with way too much. I had this experience at a Hotel where the diversity is extreme. I don’t want to scare any one but working as a Bartender/Server/Hostess/Barback/Room Service/Psychologist/Comedian is not an easy task to succeed.

I have succeeded in all the above & more . Now, I’ve moved on (thank GOD)  to a restaurant in casual setting.

Hope you enjoyed this blog slash rant and good luck on every ones job searches in the future. My advise if you’re not happy at your current job for any reason start looking. Leaving might seem impossible with money being tight but most likely it will open a door to some thing better in the long run.

The bottom line of this blog I think is look for the job you “want” because you might get stuck in a situation you don’t like.



Beach Time in January

In the afternoon… When their is nothing more important than taking your daughter or kid(s) to the beach to make mud pies. It is an high of 82 degrees, the hot sun burning our faces with a slight breeze. The noise of the seagulls and waves gently coming in crashing into the shore with a near tram track train honking pass. The weather in southern California in January could not be better. Surf is not bad nor good with an occasional set out to the east west. When I put my head to rest I hear Camp
Pendleton training for battle underneath this playground you will see bubbles. Children digging holes that won’t last forever all tickled from the black wet sand,
Head to toe. We
Wave to the train again because it’s a popular way to travel. A sail boat out in sea looking out into the great sea. The Harbor is close by with restaurant for the evening. We prefer to make make sand castles maybe walk a half a
Mile for
Some pacific western shells. This beach I wish to stay all day and don’t want to go home. Blessing

Another Day Another Dollar?

My hard-working dollar seems like it means nothing and doesn’t really amount to anything with the gas prices and food cost being so high. How does a family of four get by in my house? Well pretty much a lot of Top Ramen, pastas and like some nights a roast beef with broccoli and a side salad. We have maybe one good cooked meal a week because that is all we can afford. The prices on food are way to high.

Already thinking about starting my new garden for the spring, it’s 70 degrees today in January. Even today will cost me money to get situated on seeds and small rooted plants. I will either go to Home Depot or Wal-Mart. I think that Home Depot is better quality,  it’s not cheap but at least you will be getting quality from their garden selection.

Today Rachel Ray was inspiring she cooked a lamb base pasta sauce from scratch.

I will apply for another credit card today to get by until my taxes arrive next month. I hope next year will be a better year in the finance department.

budgeting is on my To DO List a long with ten million other things that run through my head a day.

Hopeful for a good day. Yoga is mandatory.


My thoughts about this January winter day.

 This month really makes me think of spring. Spring is right around the corner. January, It’s a crisp month. When the wind blows it sends a chill through your body. Living four blocks from the beach always leaves the air about ten degrees cooler from the inland towns.
 Seems like I count down each day, minute & second.
Stop. Meditate. The warm air will be breezing with-in 90 days.