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2012 New Beginning



Yes, a new beginning is all around us! Time is inevitably changing, what does it mean? I think for me it all started when people started talking about the Mayan Calendar. A spritual transformation in 2012 marking a new era.

I not only hear the whisper of sprituality ,I feel it. Feeling it is one thing but you have to belive in it for it to work. Pray, look at the stars & wanting to know more.

It’s where the sun and moon change places the transformation.


This is where I am coming from… let’s all make an oath, I did.

Make 2012 one of my best years consiously and unconsiously. I just have a feeling about this one… looking forward to what this next year brings, the happiness that comes along with it.  I wish all of you a safe and Happy New Year and look forward to sharing another year together with friends and family.

Here’s to our family and yours in all that this life has to offer and the joys and blessings it may bring…new chapters for us all!

What does this mean for me? Getting up earlier, taking my viatims, work out (yoga to be my favorite), blog from home, getting chores done around the house and making things run smoother with my husband and kids.

Optimism all year long and you know what I think “I can DO it”! I feel the confidence in my self, about the future. The outcome of this year will lead to success in a tendency that will favor in my hopeful sprit.

2012 can be so much more. I am asking “What will be some of your thoughts on the future, “bloggers”.