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Traveling is good for the Soul and Resume


When is the last time you went to the British West Indies?

Travel is the best thing for your soul.  Travel nightly, daily, when ever the plane would set off that runway or ship or sail.

I have the jitters to be on the island again.

My interesting story of travel was when I graduated 1998 fresh outta high school my best friend and I set off to the Cayman Islands. Eighteen years old my best friends uncle owns the ColdWell Banking Real Estate. We were lucky enough to  find our first house threw the bartender at the restaurant, The Lone Star Bar & Grill(where we ended up placing jobs at) a three bedroom upstairs down right on the canal of the Hyatt.

Last time I left the Island it was 2003. Nine almost ten years later… if I can fathom that time frame. This chick from California can still smell the scent of the cooked bannans, coconuts on the ground almost running them over with my bike with the air conditioned wiffs of the bank when you just walk in.

Cayman Airways has always been good to me,  it’s all about friends and family.

Lavish houses and apartments, Yachts and lot’s a lot’s of beach time(work a lil.)

Royal Palms is most known but all across seven mile beach on Grand Cayman is wonderful and as tropical as you get. The beach sand is not of sand of a pacific beach or an atlantic coast beach  it is of the Caribbean, the sand looks like tiny floresent shells with a mix of hot pink blues with the shimmer of torqoiuse water up shore usually on good days not rough with little waves swooshing gently toward the shore.